Is it easy to list my property on your website?


There are two options to do this. These are below:


1. You can send the details of your property by using the on-site form.


2. Send us the details of your property and we will then contact you.


Do you have every property listed on your website?


Yes. Every property that we have on our books can be seen on our website

 Are your properties up to date?

We make every effort to update our property database on a regular basis, but sometimes the property that you are looking for can be already rented or sold out


 Am I able to visit the property as soon as possible?


Certainly. It would be fine for us to show you around your desired property. It is important to understand that we are only available to do this during the week between working hours. Please also allow us time to arrange this with the current owner/landlord.


Are we able to meet somewhere? Can you pick me up?


Unfortunately, it our company policy that with all property inspections the clients have to come to our office first. If you are an existing client, we would be happy to meet you at a destination of your choice.


Why, can first time clients not be met?


All new clients have to be registered by our office manager first. Unfortunately there are some scammers in the Pattaya Real Estate market. This could mean that our representatives may end up driving around Pattaya all day long looking for non existing customers to pick up.




Why do some websites tend to have cheaper prices than other websites?


These are a number of websites on Google search that are not active in the Pattaya Real Estate market anymore and therefore their listings are dated. The current owners of these sites will sell the good enquiries to certain agents and ignore any which are not profitable. They also keep these sites up as they earn money through advertisements placed on the website.


Do you deal with the new projects?


Yes! We primarily only work with reputable trusted developers, who pride themselves on high quality construction, integrity, cutting edge design and value for money.


You have a new website, what's going on?


With technology continuously changing we wanted to ensure that our property system remains up to date and able to offer the best user experience to our visitors.


Property Purchase in Pattaya


What is ''thor thor'' 3 and how is it used?


The Tor Tor 3 document is issued by your Thai bank account providers. The document proves that money is legal. It is used at the land office to transfer the ownership of the property to you. (You cannot transfer ownership rights without the document).


What is a ''debt free'' document?


A Debt Free document is only required when purchasing an apartment. The document is issued by the apartment manager. It proves that the condo or apartment has no unpaid service bills such as electric, water and maintenance fees. This document will be used at the land office (the transfer of ownership cannot be done with out the document).


What is ''Title Deed''/''Chanote''?


The Title Deed (also known in Thailand as "Chanote") is a very important document which proves who owns the property (the original deed is needed to transfer the property ownership).


What is a 'Maintenance fee'?


A maintenance fee covers shared bills such as electric in communal areas, shared swimming facilities and maintenance (if there is any), garden maintenance and the inclusion of security guards (if there are any). It also covers building and project management.


Am I required to use a Thai bank account?


Only banks in Thailand are able to give out the "Tor Tor 3" document. This means that the funds involved in the transaction need to be transferred to a Thailand account to get this important document.


If I sell my property, how can I transfer my funds overseas to my bank account?


For transfers of less than 50,000 USD you are not required to provide any further information or documentation, but if the amount of funds being transferred is more than this amount, you will need to provide the "Tor Tor 3" documentation which was provided to you when you transferred money into Thailand in the first place.


What bank account should I open?


We like to recommend "Kasikorn Bank". Their service is extremely smooth, helpful and very reliable.


Renting Property in Pattaya


What is the difference between a short term and long term lease?


A short term lease is usually for less than a 6 month period. Long term lease is anything more than this.


What are the differences between a deposit and a booking fee?


A deposit is a fully refundable payment that is given back when the lease ends (minus any deductions for damage. A Booking fee is non refundable (in case the booking is cancelled).


Can I cancel my lease before the end of the term?


Yes you can terminate the contract before expiry of the lease, however, you will not get back your deposit. (2 months rent in most cases). Always confirm this with your consultant before you go ahead and sign the lease.


Can the lease contract be renewed?


Yes, in most cases, at the end of the term the lease can be extended or renewed. There are some cases where a lease may be fixed and you are required to leave the property at the end of the term. Lease agreements will differ from property to property.


Can I see the property whilst a tenant is in occupation?


Usually it is difficult to show you the property whilst there is a tenant in occupation, but this can be arranged if the tenant and landlord agree and enough notice is provided.


Can I book the property before I have viewed it?


It is possible, but we always recommend that you go and view the property in person first before you sign the contract. If you then decided to cancel you would lose your booking fee.


Is the rent required monthly in advance?


Yes, every landlord and agent would require rent payable in advance. The required methods of payment will be confirmed with you before you sign the lease.


What is the different between a Studio, a Condominium and Apartment?

A studio normally is referred to a unit in a condominium that does not have a separate bedroom.
A condominium in our website is referred to a unit in a condominium that has a minimum of one separate bedroom.

An apartment is a unit in a small rise building which has a limited number of units that the law do not classify as a condominium.